Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cuts for Tourism Queensland

The Cairns Post reports cuts to Tourism Queensland.TQ seems to polarise opinion so there are sure to be different views on the move. Exiting TQ boss Don Morris has defended the organisation and also chipped in an interesting comment on the current status of tourism.
"It is all too well to say there are zillions of dollars in savings in a government department that is top-heavy in staff. But this is a lean and efficient organisation in an industry that is no longer embattled or troubled and which has had the best school holiday season in seven years in the state’s north.’’
Loose Change has previously commented that there is a case to abolish state tourism bodies in favour of a regional approach however that would require a national approach. Similar comment on this at Queensland Economy Watch: 

Does tourism promotion on a Statewide basis make sense?

The rationale for such state tourism bodies has also previously been questioned by the Productivity Commission. Given yesterday's COAG political debacle on disability insurance the probability of any consensus here is minimal.

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