Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coral Reef Symposium

The current coral reef symposium in Cairns is making some news and commentary around the world. Google news lists reports such as:

New York Times: How to rescue the worlds reefs?
Fox News: US scientist: ocean acidity major threat to reefs
Sail World: Concensus statement on climate change  and coral reefs released.

The Cairns Post has previously reported that  the event, held every four years and which has attracted 2,000 scientists, would add $10 million to the Cairns economy. However, I wonder what the broader implications are of such events and their profile.

A quick look at Google Trends for a simple search on "cairns" provides the following traffic chart which doesn't show anything too significant. The biggest Google news labels here are A: Cyclone Larry and D: Cyclone Yasi. The other Goggle news flags here are mostly unrelated being UK politician Gordon Cairns (B), NZ cricketer Chris Cairns (F) and our eponymously named Cairns Group of agricultural trading nations (C).

E is the visit of Prince William following Yasi which provides an interesting comparison to the traffic at  the time of the event. It seems on Google bad news is bigger news?

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