Saturday, June 30, 2012

Strata left to bleed

If cynicism can be excused there is a response of sorts from the Commonwealth Treasury on the recommendations of the parliamentary inquiry into strata insurance in FNQ:

Cairns Post: Probe into strata insurance hike gets federal government support
ABC: Treasury to probe insurance premiums spike

Contrary to what has been reported in the headlines this is actually not a positive outcome! Treasury has basically rejected almost everything proposed and after some months deferred to further analysis by its own actuary! So the can is kicked down the road again!

This does not reflect well on the political process or the participants. That includes the parliamentary committee, the Government, and particularly our own opposition member, Warren Entsch, who is exposed as simply illogical in his reported Cairns Post comments, and quite frankly is intellectually incapable of contributing to effective solutions!

Much to say on this to come with a deep spray deserved on ALL sides!

Run Wazza! Run! Oops, wrong door! Forrest Gump for Leichhardt?

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