Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oy vey!

I don't wish to digress into grubby pollytics but a facebook post by the new member for Cairns and former Cairns Post "Editor-at-Large", Gavin King, has exposed the most astounding sensitivity and  hypocrisy.
Just a quick correction of fact needed regarding The Cairns Post's turtle & dugong story today. We made the policy announcement on this way back in September last year, not March as printed in today's story. We didn't just do this in response to TV footage days before the election (as printed today) - it's been our commitment to act for a very long time on an issue that Labor ignored and dismissed for years while they were in government.

I know newspapers are doing it tough with cutbacks and job losses at the moment but it should be standard practise that basic facts are checked before printing.
I confess that my antipathy for the King Parrot is such that it has formed a barrier to my ability to support a party which was once my usual inclination. The particular article which provoked rebuke was all positive for the King Parrot and, in context of the debate timeline, the issue contended is trivial.

However, this is not the first time in just a few months since departing his previous career in tabloid journalism that the King Parrot has fired a shot at his old comrades. The suggestion that he somehow adopted some kind of pristine higher standards as a journalist is just laughable as was previously posted at Loose Change: Black Holes and Supernovas.  

This was where King falsely stated, in an abusive way, from his tabloid tower, untruthful Council rate increases which could only be explained by either deliberate misrepresentation or substantial inumeracy! His claim of a minimum 15% rate increase was impossible even as a maximum except in the most rare extreme individual circumstance!

So much for his "the standard practice that basic facts are checked before printing". Perhaps the Cairns Post should start to abide by the Press Council code and start publishing appropriate corrections for previous errors from Gavin King?

Note: Gavin King was notified at least twice of this profound error and his choice of response was accusation of iliteracy for a typo ......

I think Clive James just said it all and more for me with a powerful performance?

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