Thursday, June 14, 2012

AEC confirms no mass depopulation of far north

The AEC has released updated enrolment numbers as at the end of May. Leichhardt now has 95,872 voters on the electoral roll. This is an increase of 2,759  in the 21 months or so since the 2010 federal election, an increase of 2.9% in that period.

Comparisons can't be made prior to 2010 because of a redistribution when an extra electorate was created in Queensland and lucky punters around Edmonton and Kuranda were moved to Katter Kountry. Both Leichhardt and Kennedy are above the average divisional enrolment.

ABS monthly employment data seems to imply growth in the working age population somewhere between 1.1% p.a to 1.4% p.a. in that period. I think the first release of data from last years census is scheduled by ABS next week?

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