Thursday, June 7, 2012

Local Growth Strategies

A Cairns Chamber events email popped into the inbox this morning for a presentation from Robert Prestipino of Vital Places:   

Action Blueprint for Local Growth with New Strategies, New Outcomes … Same Budget.

  • Why regions with the best places will make the most profits in the future
  • How smarter use of regional infrastructure will promote local growth and protect regional lifestyle
  • Why the best way to grow Regional Cities will be to ensure the vitality of adjacent towns
  • Why aging will transform mainstreet businesses and what we can do about it
  • How to avoid Zombie Infrastructure (infrastructure that devours your future)
  • A quick look discovers this recent publication which may give a taste of Prestipino's approach:  Small Towns Secrets Determine Regional Sustainability.  This paper relates to a case study based on Hinchinbrook Shire (Ingham).

    The focus on the smaller surrounding "edge towns" is of particular significance to the Cairns regional economy. Local economist Bill Cummings has frequently noted that the greater surrounding population and density is something which distinguishes us from Townsville.

    Also of interest in that paper are the references to the work of US academic Richard Florida on the importance of creativity. This is a theme we have referenced previously and also noted the debilitating culture war that broke out with debate about the proposed entertainment precinct.

    KS notes the dress standard of "work attire" for this Monday morning breakfast event at the Shangri-la. Should the current cold snap persist he will consequently likely attend in his fluffy warm boots and beanie.

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