Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i'm back!

KS has finally returned from a few months sojourn to southern climes for an annual reacquaintance with family. So I missed the Council election period entirely which may have been a blessing? There was actually much excellent material to blog on during that period. I may cheat and backpost some half completed thoughts.

However, my restriction was not entirely because of absence but enhanced by technical computer problems. A progressively more dysfunctional keyboard made trying to write anything a waste of time. That was followed by a couple of weeks for warranty repairs on the laptop. Being forced away from the computer and communications does have some personal rewards but also makes you realise more how critical this form of communication has become.

The family retreat on the shores of Port Stephens is only slightly remote from the nearest post office but is restricted to three postal deliveries a week. This really isn't a problem as most stuff in the post has become administrative stuff like bank statements which are not time sensitive anyway.

Josh Gans posted on this last year related to a postal strike in Canada and whether anybody would notice if delivery was reduced? My dear old Mum still writes a weekly letter to my niece in Boston which can take ten days for delivery.

Maybe the Guvmint should do as it did with analog TV and announce a cutoff date when postal services will begin to reduce?

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