Tuesday, April 10, 2012

cairns culture wars

KS has been diverted recently while traversing down the east coast while also bravely battling a malfunctioning keyboard. Overnighting in Townsville and browsing a copy of their free business magazine, courteously provided at my accommodation facility, this comment caught my attention  (Page 54):
Last year proved that Townsville's entertainment scene is far from dying; in fact, the city seems to be overtaking Cairns when it comes to hosting big names.
Meawhile the debate in Cairns sparked by controversy and disagreement over the Entertainment Precinct proposal has often descended into a debilitating culture war with rival proposals for more sports funding and anything cultural under redneck assualt from certain identities.

As previously posted, arts and culture should be a competitive advantage for Cairns which differentiates us from other regional centres.

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