Friday, February 24, 2012

Total eclipse of the sun

This years total eclipse is shaping up as our biggest ever event with predictions of up to 40,000 visitors.
Tourism Tropical North Queensland CEO Rob Giason said the event was attracting global interest with cruises and hot air balloon packages on offer for an expected 40,000 visitors.

"We are expecting a vibrant festival atmosphere in the region to complement nature's spectacular solar show," Mr Giason said.
The TTNQ estimate for the recent Chinese new year was 16,000 visitors over the period. Cummings Economics estimated 11,200 room bookings for last years Cairns Amateurs. Although with attendance of 9,500 for the day and 5,000 for ladies day i'm guessinig those bookings are attributable room nights for the period to make the numbers stack with local participation?

The eclipse also falls at a quite good time of year seasonally, before the Christmas season and after peak tourism season and school holidays. The action starts from sunrise on 14 November. I did find this great site including details of the eclipse from different areas. There are four minutes extra eclipse up the road at Palm Cove than in Cairns.

I wonder which party in the current election campaign will be the first with a promise to make the eclipse an annual event?! Is travel insurance available to cover rain and cloud on that date?

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