Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stop whingeing about the currency

Traveler's Check at the Sydney Morning Herald has a good post on comments from Tourism Australia chairman and ex Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon.
The chairman of Tourism Australia, Geoff Dixon, reckons we should stop whingeing about the fact that Australia has become such an expensive place to visit for foreign tourists and locals alike.
“We have to face it, Australia is now a high-cost destination,” the former Qantas chief executive told the Australian Financial Review a fortnight ago. “We can talk about it, we can wring our hands, but to spend too much time complaining about the currency is self-defeating.
“What we need to do is spend our time on how we market the country better and make sure that the product is worth what people pay for it."
Traveller's Check does make some critical comments of the current approach of Tourism Australia, particularly on domestic tourism. From the perspective of the Cairns tourism offering perhaps the most relevant comment from Dixon was:
"This new wave of tourists (from Asia) want the unique outdoors and natural experience, but they also want top-notch shopping, restaurants, hotels and, yes, gambling and they want all of those things in one place," Dixon says.
This touches on some points previousy made by James Packer and i'm not sure how that gels with a current political campaign to return our marketing to a past era?

The always entertaining backpacker blog has a different perspective on the current status of domestic tourism: 

"I think I've finally found the world's only tourist destination that's not full of Australians: Australia."

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