Saturday, February 4, 2012

Deport the pig trotter smugglers!

KS was seeking more info on the report by Cummings Economics on Cairns Airport and found a PR media release from TTNQ on Chinese New Year.

This media release is badly written in font styles which makes it difficult to comprehend which is somewhat surprising from a professional organisation?

To get to the point there were 12 special charter flights into Cairns direct from China bringing an estimated 4,000 visitors. TTNQ claim an visitors from other sources would boost this to 16,000. Which seems an ambitious number but there is no doubt it is a fast growing event.

Chinese New Year has the advantage of being seasonally counter-cyclical for our tourism. We probably haven't made enough of this in the past given previous historical connection with the Chinese community in the Far North. However there were apparently problems with this influx of Chinese:
PIG trotters, chicken feet, fungus-growing caterpillars and duck eggs are among the hundreds of kilograms of prohibited items seized from Chinese visitors by biosecurity officers at Cairns airport this week.
Bob Katter couldn't miss an opportunity:

"All of these diseases come in. The inadequacy of existing laws and regulations shows we’d be better off having the Flying Fish Point QCWA ladies protecting our borders," Mr Katter said.
Katter suggested hefty fines although customs did put this into context that all this produce had been willingly declared on entry. However there were still contributions from the parrot-cage-commentariat that fines would not be enough and deportation should be required. Seriously?

P.S. Not sure on the Caterpillar fungus but there are recent reports of a financial bubble in certain caterpillar fungus and descriptions of a Chinese viagra!

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