Monday, December 5, 2011

Visa Pricing Transformation

An aspect of the MYEFO revenue measures last week which has drawn little comment were changes to Visa charges:
The Government will restructure visa application charges (VACs) bringing them into line with international benchmarks, increasing revenue by $613.3 million over four years. This measure is also intended to encourage online processing, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable visa processing system.
Loose Change is ignorant of the complexities of visas and whether such charges are significant for visitations, although it wouldn't seem to a positive for inbound tourism unless there are benefits in the 'transformational' component of online processing. However, they do seem to think visa charges are significant for student visas:
Base VACs will increase by at least the Consumer Price Index (CPI), with the exception of student visas (where the base VAC will decrease by five per cent) to support the competiveness of Australia's international education sector, in line with the recommendations of the Knight Review.
Loose change has previously posted on student visas and education. Meanwhile there is a report elsewhere of an apparent skills shortage in the tourism sector: Australia’s Tourism in Trouble: In Need of Foreign Workers. Special travel visas are suggested to fill a claimed labour shortage of 35,000 jobs in the tourism sector?

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  1. Interesting. It's hard to believe there are skill shortages in the tourism sector. Isn't the sector suffering from a significant drop in demand?