Sunday, November 13, 2011

wonkish statistics worth a look

OESR has posted residential land and dwelling activity profiles for local guvmint areas in Queensland. That may sound boring but there is some interesting data in here.I had intended to do more but ended up as a quick post back at the time of the OESR demographic seminar in Cairns earlier in the year.

That seminar covered some of the data in these profiles, and particularly how OESR were tracking property development on a more cohesive basis in Council areas throughout Queensland.OESR is doing good work here in providing valuable aditional data.

At their seminar OESR referred to an overhang of stock in Cairns. Low approvals don't reflect the substantial outstanding stock. Only in the last year has Townsville accumulated a stock above Cairns for the first time since that data commenced in 2003. The OESR data on 'operational works approved' is quite recent but very worthwhile. The ratios here are also relevant with the Gold Coast actually below Cairns on 'operational works approval" as a proportion of (quite low commparatively) approvals stock!

Regardless, there are now large development holdings on the market by the receicers to failed developers! Reports in the Cairns Post of interest in the substantial land bank of CEC. Also reports of the holdings by the murky Capital Globe, associtaed with the previous Cairns Mayor, where the Capital Globe CEO was asasssinated in an Islamabad guest house! However, reports in the Post related to marketing by Quaid Colliers for anything is typically less than useless and shoul be taken as pure spin! 

This is good stuff from OESR and deserving of analytical attention!

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