Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why do we expect others to buy our tropical expertise?

That was the question that should be raised, and came to mind again, with this post today by Stephen King from Melbourne Business School: Jingoism, spin and Holden cars.

Oh no! Not our Aussie Icon, the Commodore. That would be like having a Dane design the Sydney Opera House or having the Sydney Harbour Bridge designed and built by an English firm.
In the Banana Republic of Cairns we seem to think that everything should be done locally. Anything contracted outside the region is regarded as treason and brings media outrage.  At the same time we are arrogant enough to think that our 'tropical expertise' is something and others around the world should buy from us. The hypocrisy is rank but such is the state of political populism and the parochial culture of Cairns.

So to the engineers – on your logic Aussie engineers should not be designing any ‘off shore icons’. Damn – there goes all that work in Asia and suddenly makes a lot of Australian engineers unemployed..

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