Monday, November 14, 2011

The Warren's corporate body surreality roadshow

Loose Change has previously posted on the body corporate insurance crisis in FNQ. Today there was a seminar sponsored by the national strata association. I have pondered this since lunchtime when I wandered back from the Cairns RSL in a trance, where I had resorted in need of a quick shot after a surreal political experience!

Warren's roadshow went down well with the audience. Not so well with me! he did his usual thing of arriving late to attract maximum attention. However, Senator McLucas spoke of the role of Guvmint to promote more competition in the market. Wazza threw spleen at private insurers and suggested a return to a guvmint insurance office.

Is this surreal! We have a left faction ALP Senator talking market competition and the Federal LNP member demanding socialist solutions! Peter Costello has recently broken ranks with some criticisms of the LNP on this also: Liberals must protect values of freedom and choice; Party discontent simmers over Abbott's populism.

While Wazza won the forum it was McLucas who made the most poignant point that the laws of unintended consequences can never be neglected when it comes to Guvmint action.There was bipartisan support at the finale to support a parliamentary enquiry.

The National Disaster Insurance Review report was also released today. I will resist further comment for now because I have no idea how to sensibly respond!


  1. Warren Entsch is an avowed anti-socialist. Interestng to note that he says he supports it when it suits the audience.

  2. I would categorise Warren as a populist. It is also quite clear that Warren is not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to detailed financial matters which perhaps goes part of the way to explaining the collapse of CEC? Consequently, I don't think anyone should consider the possibility that Warren's mind is capable to embrace any kind of intellectual concept.

  3. I agree with your assessment there.