Thursday, November 24, 2011

TQ wins but does FNQ lose?

The LNP has released a tourism policy. While always reluctant to plunge into partisan politics KS luuncheoned yesterday with a gorgeous local small businesswoman with a strong background in tourism who similarly despaired that 'informal' was the only logical vote. I won't delve into detailed analysis however this stood out:

In making a commitment to enhance and better coordinate tourism development and marketing efforts throughout Queensland, the LNP will establish a new partnership arrangement between Tourism Queensland, RTOs and industry. 

To be known as DestinationQ, this partnership will drive stronger collaboration and more effective development and marketing outcomes, by addressing longstanding diverging views between TQ, RTOs and industry. It will also ensure that TQ is restored to a position of strategic leadership, guiding RTOs and industry in partnership to reclaim Queensland’s title of Australia’s leading tourism destination.

In return for becoming partners in the DestinationQ initiative, the LNP will ensure the expertise and local knowledge of RTOs is properly recognised and utilised in the delivery of destination marketing inititiaves.
Well, here we were thinking the LNP was promoting regionalism whan all this seems to suggest is tighter central control? RTO's = regional authorites like TTNQ. Our local tourism body should not be beyond criticism and reform however I would suggest it may have actually been more successful than TQ?

KS would suggest that the State tourism authorities are themselves self - defeating anachronisms which should in any serious reform be abolished in favour of national and regional marketing. FNQ has nothing to win from DestinationQ, and possibly much to lose?

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