Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunbus in real time

Sunbus has a real time bus tracker. A welcome development! We can only hope a smartphone app is not far behind!

As a CBD dweller who has for a period explored the lifestyle of being vehicle free I can only say that this does address one of the bigger problems of public transport in a regional city like Cairns. Public transport also has a status problem. Catching a bus wont get you elevated in social status as I found out!


  1. I suppose even if the bus is late you'd feel better knowing it's actually coming. It must be difficult adopting a vehicle free lifestyle in Cairns, as I expect frequency of service is low. And unless buses come along at least every 15 minutes, most people aren't going to even consider a bus.

  2. Yes, that is the problem. I think most bus sevices in Cairns are on a one hour schedule or half hour at peaks times. My worst experience was waiting for a Sunday bus to Palm Cove for lunch and not knowing whether the bus was late or I had missed it. There was no bus and I missed lunch. Mostly my bus experiences visiting friends in Freshwater and Redlynch was quite good.

    However being vehicle free in the City is not so drastic and we have a few residents in our block with a vehicle free lifestyle. Easy walking and a short taxi ride home with any serious shopping. Outside peak times car hire can also be quite cheap and I could get a Getz from Budget just a few blocks away as low as $39 a day. Cheaper to hire a car for the day to visit the suburbs than catch a taxi!