Thursday, November 24, 2011

Starve the poor, destroy the environment, buy local

The quirkily counter-intuitive Freakonomics has posted on the negative economics of the rampant locavore food movement in the USA:
a locavore-like production system would require an additional 60 million acres of cropland, 2.7 million tons more fertilizer, and 50 million pounds more chemicals
KS has always strongly promoted our finest local produce and agricultural potential but always in the context of its appropriate market position and promotion rather than some kind of ideological economic salvation delivered by a mass local food industry. More recently our mejia King Parrot (now LNP candidate) suggested that every dollar transferred to spending on local food would booost our economy by $4! WOW!

Note: WOW is the ASX stock code for Woolworths.

HT Greg Mankiw's Thanksgiving Shopping Advice: And tomorrow, be grateful for the principle of comparative advantage

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