Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cairns Economic Future Plan

With momentum building towards a state election the Queensland Government has released a draft Cairns Economic Future Plan 2011- 2015 for consultation. There is nothing surprising or unexpected in the core strategy:

1.Building on strong industries – Continued industry development for the region’s current strengths in tourism, agriculture and food, aviation services, and marine maintenance.
2.Diversifying the regional economy – Innovation, investment attraction and industry development for new sectors that capitalise on what is special about the Cairns region – tropical expertise, defence, mining services, renewable energy and education. This will also open new job opportunities for skilled workers.
3.Getting the business environment right – Support for regional infrastructure and fundamental economic development, such as support for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).
There is nothing surprising here and while there may be disagreements of priority, emphasis (spin) and implementation there doesn't  really appear to be much variation between parties on core strategic dirction for Cairns. Although I may update that with more nuanced thoughts and observations upon reflection.

Feedback can be provided to before 21 November, 2011.

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