Sunday, October 23, 2011

Parrot Droppings Vol XIV

The peculiar politics of the Far North only seem to make national attention for all the wrong reasons. In the 2007 Federal election campaign it was the Nationals candidate, and ex used car salesman Ian Crossland, who made national headlines with his declaration that "Leichhardt is no place for a woman". I was subsequently informed by an ALP left faction organiser that they agreed and that being female was a disadvantage in Leichhardt!

Not much has changed it seems with our misogynist King Parrot now the State LNP candidate for Cairns amidst some ongoing controversial shennanigans. While his former employer at the Cairns Post has been curiously quiet, media elsewhere has been quite responsive to his candidacy:

Courier Mail:  Can the King of Cairns prove to be the Can Do candidate for Campbell?

SMH:    LNP endorsing 'next Pauline Hanson'.

NineMSN: Drunk girls to blame for rape: LNP candidate.

Courier Mail:  Time LNP and Campbell Newman drew line on Cairns candidate Gavin King

The best response has been from Carrie Miller at The Punch: Gavin King: victim blamer and woman shamer, which I think best frames the issues that seem to have bypassed many. The King Parrot's typical response of satire, or being misunnderstood, is really just a poor excuse for his cliched sterotypes and dogwhistles.

In a more economic context Carrie Miller has also opened with a reference to the King Parrot's description of his domestic arrangements:
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but surely it is obvious that we should perform household chores we are best at, in the interests of efficiency and synergy. In other words, the missus irons my shirt because she is able to do it quickly and easily. In exchange, I make breakfast because pouring milk on to cereal is a task simple enough for me to achieve by 7.30am.
Curiously, domestic chores are the only time I am aware of that the King Parrot has ever referenced economic efficiency, which is not given any consideration at all in relation to issues such as moving public servants to Cairns. The principles of comparative advantage and trade can indeed be applied to domestic duties, as they have at Spousonomics.

When it comes to comparative advantage and trade it is Pareto efficiency which matters, where trade is an advantage to both and neither is made worse off. The King Parrot's simple trade model of swapping ironing for pouring milk is unlikely to be Pareto efficient as he has just made himself better off at his wife's expense. However, we will in good time follow up with an illustrative example of how many toilets he will also need to clean .....


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