Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FNQ mining potential?

A recent report at the Cairns Post on prospective mining opportunities in the Far North.
Mr Duck said the community did not appreciate the potential of mining in the region, estimated at $900 million a year with a fly-in, fly-out workforce worth $250 million a year.
 Brett Duck was speaking at the Cairns and Mining Conference 2011 held last Friday.

As previously posted it's not so long ago that mining did play a more significant role in the Cairns economy particularly with nearby gold mining operations, although I have no idea on the prospects of any of these exploration projects. Bill Cummings also presented on 'Can Cairns become a major mining services centre again?'

This map seems to show sort of a bit of a hole up at the pointy end although is restricted to advanced projects so presumably doesn't yet include such as a proposed expansion at Weipa?

 HT: Peter Martin

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