Thursday, October 6, 2011

Education visa reforms

Loose Change has previously posted on the Feral Guvmint visa policy failure which has hit education exports. Education exports (foreign students) are one of Australias largest export in industries, and also a significant component of the Cairns economy. It is also critical for University funding.

A recent report has been adopted by the Guvmint with reforms to assist the sector and drawn some approving comments including from Paul Kelly, Editor-at-Large with The Australian.

For universities, the main reform gains involve quick and streamlined visa approvals, allowing foreign graduates with a bachelor's degree to work in Australia for another two years and elimination of tough financial tests as conditions of overseas student entry.
It remains perplexing that this has otherwise drawn so little political attention.Strategies to attract students will be of interest. The reforms are restricted to universities and do not include the vocational education and ytraining sector.

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