Monday, September 19, 2011

Wrong day stupid!

Along with some more antiquated shopping laws, the confluence of public holidays in Queensland into a concentrated period has always been an obvious no-brainer for change. So it was with a combination of both approval and despair that accompanied yesterdays announcement by Anna Bligh that the Guvmint would consider moving the Queens Birthday weekend. Wrong day stupid!

KS was beaten to the punch on this by Queensland Economy Watch: "I’m pleased to read the Government is reviewing Queensland’s productivity-sapping cluster of public holidays in the first half of the year and can only completely agree."

However, along with QEW surely it is blindingly obvious that it is Labour Day, coming in the middle of the 'public holiday season' and just a few days after Anzac day, that needs to move. The reason given by Bligh was that it wasn't the Queens real birthday. This sounds like a purely ideological decision. Perhaps she consulted Bill Ludwig first?

Apart from Queensland only the NT still has a public holiday for Labour Day at the beginning of May. All the others have moved this long ago. The sensible thing would be to follow NSW and move Labour Day to October to provide a better spread over the year.

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