Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Gavin King is NOT an economic Liberal?

"Authoritarian, centralist, a believer in Guvmint as the provider of solutions and a Cairns economy based on an outsized public service and military. I don't believe i have ever seen anything he has written that could be considered pro-market  ..... or even pro-business for that matter!?"

That was my comment to a friend today on news that our King Parrot would no longer be leaving his droppings at the Compost but rather aspiring to political office. KS intends to back this up at length with reference to writings recently questioning the Catholic DLP peasant economic philosophy of Tony Abbott,  as well as some work from one our brightest young economists Joshua Gans on the significant leftward shift in the economics of the (L?)iberal Party. 

So .... can anyone provide me with any reference to anything from Gavin King which can be regarded as economically Liberal ...... or even liberal? I can't find or recollect any?

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  1. Gavin King is representative of a "political agnostic". If he had the chance to preselect for the Labor party, it would have made no never mind to him. He's declared himself LNP because he's calculated that they have the best chance of winning the seat, and he wants to be in Parliament.

    He has no personal politics other than self-promotion. Typical Gen X candidate.