Monday, September 19, 2011

northern foodbowl

Belated post from a prominent feature in The Oz on Coalition support for more dams and agriculture in Northern Australia. Apparently an exclusive to The Oz and surprisingly absent elsewhere in any coverage in the News Ltd stable in Queensland?

As suggested  on Media Watch tonight 'exclusive' seems to be synonymous media talk for a mutually concocted story. Never mind, most promisingly the lead from the Coalition side was at least from Andrew Robb, who said a few sensible things and at least the policy may not be an insensible capitulation to Bob Katter.

KS has also posted before on the potential for agriculture and that the Far North is not perfectly, but comparatively well positioned for gobal themes. This is in line with the recent presentation by Bill Cummings on the economic potential for agriculture.

Sadly, it also seems to be tied up in uncompromising partisan politics.

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