Wednesday, September 14, 2011

more media criticism

Criticism of the media and its role has been politically prominent recently following the News Ltd scandal in the UK, and calls for an enquiry here. Adam Carr has taken a whack today at the role of the media in perpetuating a cycle of financial crisis: Circus Act.

Regular readers already know that I think low-quality journalism – when even facts can’t be reported accurately – is a key driver of this never-ending crisis and this has just been hammered home by recent events. If we are ever to contain this crisis, this is the problem that must be urgently addressed.
I mean, how can we have a free press when it’s been enslaved by deceit and stupidity? Journalists and economists, business people, lobby groups and the consultants they employ must not be able to just make alarmist drivel up. I’ve said it before, standards must be maintained, but they are not and this is a major contributor to our current woes – to the current crisis of confidence and in reality this is all we are experiencing.

There is apparently the prospect of a French bank taking legal action against the UK Daily Mail for blatantly false commentary.

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