Tuesday, September 20, 2011

build it and they will come ....

..... to Mt Isa? The North West Star has reported on the policy of Katter/Australian/Queensland Party leader Aidan McLindon to support the regions:
"Imagine what could be done in Rockhampton or Cairns or Mount Isa with thousands of millions of dollars." Mr McLindon said increased infrastructure spending outside cities would encourage population decentralisation.
Highly unlikely, rather a waste of funds that would make the pink batts scheme look like tuck shop money. Perhaps a politician should respect where people want to live rather than indulging in their own God Complex. McLindon then says:
"Brisbane won't be the livable city in 10 years because they just keep building more and more and they're going to end up gridlocked."
Well, if we spend all the money on infrastructure in Mt Isa that will probably be self-fulfilling for living standards in Brisbane, however no Guvmint would be likely to survive long enough for that to happen. A HUGE God Complex here.

Hardly surprising as it was McLindon who previously proposed moving all the poker machines in Qld to somewhere like Mareeba, or Innot Hot Springs, and creating a new Las Vegas to boost the Far North economy.

These people are seriously delusional and scarey!

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