Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cairns Group Anniversary

KS had intended to turn up to the Cairns Chamber annual economy update yesterday by Bill Cummings and Rick Carr, however other things got in the way. The presentations should be available online sometime and KS will link.

The Cairns Post has run with a front page on "Agriculture the key to FNQ's economic fortunes". Nick Dalton has been doing an improved job with finance reporting at the Post in recent times although the surprise is probably that the potential for agriclture has even come as a surprise. KS has been saying for some time that Cairns is not badly placed to take advantage of many global trends. I don't think the opinion of Bill Cummings on this is new either.

This view of KS does not contradict his earlier rant at the King Parrot's delusions at the Post that if everyone just buys more regional food we will all be more prosperous, which demosntrated a certain degree of economic illiteracy among other logical flaws. The King Parrot was actually proposing that less trade in food would be a good thing economically. The google gremlins have eaten my post on that which I will need to recompose. With typical ignorance from the parrot cage at the Post the comments on this story are dominated by misguided rantings from the local Katter Party candidate.

Our eponymously named Cairns Group of agricultural exporting nations was formed at a meeting here in Cairns on 27th August 1986. Which means it celebrates its 25th birthday party this Saturday. If we wanted to promote potential of local agriculture maybe we should have brought it back home for this years meeting of Trade Ministers as a 25th anniversary event. The objective of the Cairns Group is to promote further liberalisation of trade in agriculture.

The Trade Ministers of the 19 nations which form the Cairns Group are scheduled to meet next month in Canada.  Australian Trade Minister Craig Emerson has recently been supportive of foreign investment in agriculture and trade.


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