Saturday, July 9, 2011

Townsville Futures Plan

The release of the  Townsville Futures Plan is sure to provoke plenty of comment in Cairns. Those with  a competitive mindset are likely to react to Townsville vision as the "second capital" of Queensland.

KS is always sceptical of the efficacy of central  planning and visions and would prefer that Cairns differentiate rather than compete although there does appear to be some overlap in current strategy.

Queensland Economy Watch is similarly sceptical of the cloudmap graphic as a basis for any plan. KS notes the inclusion of 'good coffee' in the cloud map and is confident of Far North superiority as a 'coffee capital'.  KS also notes the inclusion of 'visual stimulation' which piques his curiosity as to what could be envisaged?

There is  a State Guvmint Regional Plan for the Far North produced in 2009. There is also a Regional Roadmap from the Feral Guvmint's Regional  Development Australia.

KS yesterday attended a seminar by OESR on the population statistics and projections for Cairns and will update on some of the more salient points later .......

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