Friday, July 1, 2011

Study Cairns?

The Journal of Ignorance has a post today on the education industry in Cairns.

"Worth $100 million it is in the top four industries in Cairns but international student numbers have dropped about 20 per cent."

All to blame says the Journal are "strong Australian dollar, global financial crisis and natural disasters". Well no, and KS has previously queried what is going on and the absence of coverage in Cairns on this. 

ABC business commentator Alan Kohler posted on this as far  back as February last year. How to crush an export boom: "Just when you might have thought the policy shambles that is wrecking Australia’s third biggest export industry – education – couldn’t get worse, the Immigration Minister Chris Evans has hopped on a bulldozer to finish the job."

Deliberate Federal Guvmint policy on immigration and student visas has placed the industry in crisis. Stephen King from Melbourne Business School at  Monash has also weighed in here: "Back in February I noted the problems that changes to visa laws for international students would create for Australian universities. Well, guess what? Despite the numerous warnings by the university sector, visa law changes are now biting and are undermining one of Australia’s largest export industries." 

My anecdotal understanding from informal queries that JCU is not  faring too badly compared to others. When Wayne Swan did his online coffee chat with Gavin King some months ago he specifically referred to education as a growth sector for Cairns. KS queried why then the Federal Guvmint had adopted deliberate policy contrary to this, which was unanswered. The visionary King Parrot was busy squawking on more public servants for Cairns! What a vision!

The silence of the LNP Feral Member for Leichhardt is even more curious?

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