Saturday, July 2, 2011

the vision thing

Well, the Cairns Regional Council budget this week provoked some interest with the Journal of Ignorance (aka Cairns Post) standing out in an irrationally strident response. The Journal seems to have been caught with an incorrect (or misunderstood?) leak earlier in the week,  and responded by simply lashing out like a mindless buffoon.

Without drilling down in a micro sense, this is a pretty responsible macro budget for a Council in the position that Cairns is. It's a small sustainable deficit with a modest rate rise which is appropriate at this time. Details on debate over components and where the money will be spent will always happen as they should. ABC Far North radio reported that Cairns economist Bill Cummings said the council appears to have done a good job: "Overall, I think the budget strategy is appropriate in the current circumstances, to keep rate increases down by running a deficit," he said.

The response at The Journal is "where's the big vision?". At the same time their key front page judgement criteria are footpaths and safety cameras? It was George Bush One who made famous the phrase "the vision thing" during the 1992 US Presidential election.

It's curious that the Journal give the Council a big tick for strategy but not "the vision thing" when these two words so frequently correlate in corporate life. Perhaps there is something here in research that when it comes to strategy "women fell significantly behind in one key area: vision" or is that more perception?

"First, women may have a vision but they may be using a different process to develop their long-term strategy. Women may work with teams and collaborate to find direction. In business, peers and managers may not value that collaborative process as much as they value someone who appears to come up with a vision independently." 

This almost exactly replicates the criticims by the King Parrot of the Mayor for exactly the same reasons, I would have thought? Is the problem in Cairns that she is a woman (without balls) who is not within their milieu? The Federal election for Leichhardt made national media in 2007 over the issue of whether a woman was even approppriate for Leichhardt.

Perhaps the Journal pyne (sic) for the days of ex Mayor Byrne. Back in his footpath office at Villa Romana and plied with ample red wine KS has no doubt that the "vision thing" with spill out everywhere and run amok! Plans for water pipelines from PNG to Brisbane can be done on the back of drink coasters. Jetstar will commence direct flights to Islamabad and property developers will flock bearing bags bulging with Pakistani ruppee. Vision things don't happen at CWA meeting ya know girls, get back to the sponge cakes and lamingtons!

And action ...... bowel movements more likely? The Ex-Mayor bears a disturbingly close resemblance to the Mayor of Porpoise Spit from Muriel's Wedding.

Meanwhile, the extraordinary approach from the Journal of Ignorance and its King Parrot has drawn the attention of Hillbillywatch. Elsewhere, Leigh Dall'Osto lifts the toilet seat on the ablutions budget. There is no other reasonable commentary in Cairns. The sadly pathetic blogger RAJ continues to chase irrelevant factoids absent any comprehensional capability in an ongoing display of spiralling mental deterioration.

Note: Sorry for rant will come back to original intent of rates debates and property volatility later .......

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