Sunday, July 24, 2011

The North Korean Model

Queensland Economy Watch has posted this graph on public servants in Queensland regions. I presume this is Qld public servants?

When KS first fired up Loose Change it was because he despaired at the quality of debate in the Far North, the misrepresentations of the Murdoch Cairns Post, and the subsequent complete failure to properly represent the Cairns community by institutions essential to the proper functioning of a democracy.
What this graph shows is that as long maintained, that any belief that more public servants are needed to stabilise the Cairns economy is misguided. KS did look at the last census data a while ago and came to to the same conclusion, or worse. North Qld and the Far North predominate in public servants, and the other northern capital at Darwin is even more propped up by public funds.

Any economic problem in Northern Australia, and Cairns, is not with deficiency in the size of the public sector but with the private sector (ex - mining). Much of the debate in Cairns seems to be driven around a larger public sector, an outsized military presence, and greater self-suffiency within a protected local economy. If we just buy from each other all will be good? The North Korean model?

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