Sunday, July 24, 2011

cold weather influx?

The Sydney Morning Herald travel section ran a good post at the weekend on the upcoming Cairns Festival. We acclimatised Far Northerners may be shivering with a max yesterday of just 25C in full glorious sunshine, but the southerners are envious of our own perceived misfortune!

Feedback from the KS extended family in NSW is that they are sick of the worst weather experienced in their lifetimes! Well at least since the 1970's which is exactly the same as the Qld floods earlier in the year!

They are freezing and discontented down there! We can offer them respite! My family are expressing unusual request for respite despite some being recent visitors! They are sick of cold and bad weather! Is there a short term marketing campaign for this?

So in a Yasi reverse, is the southern inclemency responsible the current vibrancy in town on the KS EPWI (esplanade people watching index) as southerners flee unusually inclement weather? It's certainly quite vibrant on The Esplanade, and can only guess that some retailers are doing good business on warmer gear. I have rarely seen so much cold weather attire on the Cairns Esplanade!

P.S. On a different take this was noted from the Sunshine Coast this week with references to northern connections and mining.

"It is becoming increasingly evident that there is overwhelming demand for Sunshine Coast Airport to provide flights north to Mackay, Cairns and Townsville."
The Sunshine Coast also sees itself as attractive for fly in-fly out miners. CRC has recently been lobbying with BHP for fly in-fly out mineworkers.

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