Thursday, July 28, 2011

black holes and supernovas

Kitchenslut has been cleaning out stuff in his paper files while coincidentally googling Council rates and inadvertantly stumbled over the King Parrot rant from July 2008.

There are some curious things in this rant,  which would seem to represent extreme factual errors from our local media monopoly? However, with excel spreadsheet now open it can be confirmed that the King Parrot is indeed either a visceral liar or inumerate!?

The Parrot sqwuark linked (since removed from Cairns Post) refers to a now aged column under the title "a city in suffering", where amongst some personal tabloid tales there is this comment on a Council only four months old:
People with black holes where their brains should be accuse me of being too tough on Cr Schier and the council.
So, instead of my opinion, let’s deal with the facts.
It is a fact that your total rates bill will rise by at least 15 per cent.
Cr Schier’s claim that rates will rise by just 7 per cent is misleading and yet another example of a public relations department using spin to mask the truth.
Cr Schier is about to buy a house after some years of renting so she may have forgotten that ratepayers fork out money for a total bill, including all of the fees and charges.
That total bill will be a minimum of 15 per cent higher than the last council rates bill we paid.

Well no. Having spreadsheeted all the data for the last 6 years the rise, with fees, was in the range of 7%! Thats a FACT!

Could the King Parrot have been so black-hole-brained as to just add the rise together for all components cumulatively? Yes, it would appear he has developed a new mathematics where if say your general rate component of the bill goes up by 5% and your utilities component goes up by 5%, then you ad these together and get a 10% rise. This wouldn't pass pre-school level mathematics.

Having run through a range of scenarios there is little possibility absent an anomalously whopping land valuation increase that can possibly come up with a 15% increase even as a maximum?

Council during this rates episode dropped the 5% discount for payment on time. That still can't make 15% as a maximum let alone a minimum as claimed. Meanwhile some of us have experienced moderate rate rises (including charges) of almost nothing over the period of this Council after scalding rises of 100% under the previous council. My own rate rises for a strata unit, including those charges, over four years for this Council is about $30, for almost 0%. In the year cited by the King Parrot of a MINUMUM 15% rise, my rates including charges dropped. Thanks Val, where do I send the cheque?

I'm not sure I can support the Getup campaign on Alan Jones this week given that such far more obvious abuses in regional Oz go under the radar. However, references to relevant media bodies for standards must be imminent. On ABC Insiders at the weekend regional Oz was given special attention as an area of media deficiency, rather than the capitals. The standard and concentration of regional media is a bigger problem than any perceived deficiency elsewhere in community leadership.

Yes it's dated, but also demonstrates at a very early stage the visceral approach with contempt for real FACTS.  Maybe some modestly talented journalism supernovas should contemplate their own black hole!

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