Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trumped up Waffle?

Kitchenslut is frequently bemused by the vacuity within the 'business bulletins' from our very own home grown business guru Andrew Griffiths. None better than this weeks:

Everyone is talking about social media and its importance for communication, but it is such a big, daunting, complex topic that there is no wonder many businesses are struggling with integrating social media into their everyday communication. The reality is, if you aren’t confused by social media, you haven’t taken the time to understand what it can truly do for your business, meaning you have either put it to the side to ponder later, or it has gone into the too hard basket.
Two years ago I found out that more people use the internet for Facebook than they do for looking at porn. Clearly, something big was happening here. So, I took the time to get my head around the five main social media realms that I felt I needed to know more about : Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and Linked In and I got well and truly confused. But over time, it started to make sense and that’s when I realised you need to push through the confusion state.
Interestingly enough, I found they could all be intertwined and utilised in a fairly effective way, which didn’t require huge amounts of time. And even more importantly, they all provided a way for me to communicate with my existing and potential customers in a very cost effective and time efficient way.
But, none of this matters if you don’t really understand or appreciate the importance of social media. We all need to be clear on the “why” of social media. The following presentation really sets the stage well. Now because it is a couple of years old, some of the statistics are a little outdated (they are even more impressive and compelling in 2011), but the core messages are extremely relevant today.
If you take a few seconds to flick through this presentation, I think you will get what social media is, as opposed to what it isn’t.

Clear as mud? If you were one of those not confused before you probably are now! Kitchenslut is damned pleased that he hasn't subjected himself to any Twitter from Griffiths, or any other such business guru for that matter, and notes the prominence of such as Donald Trump on Griffiths kitchily tabloid tackily cliched spruiker website.

Griffiths has been responsible for PR at CEC where the substance of corporate releases to ASX has drawn some comment. Kitchenslut Global Economics recommends Corpus Rios as a good site for genuine business people seeking substance. I'm sure there are a number of good local people who can advise on a social networking strategy.

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