Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Queensland Budget

The Journal of Ignorance has several posts on yesterdays State budget and the Bogan King (or should that be 'King of the Bogans'?) reports that "the Budget featured about $3750 per capita spending on Far Northern residents, about $1000 more per capita than the southeast corner". Not enough for real estate spruiker Ross Moller who wants the $10,000 new home grant extended beyond six months just for the Far North.

The budget seems to have been generally well received, despite an increased deficit and debt, with optimistic forecasts on economic growth for the next two years coming from resources investment.

Queensland Economy Watch takes issue with the increase in stamp duty and notes that the Henry review was highly critical of this inefficient tax. Lower stamp duty may have been preferable and more efficient than home grants pork however State Guvmints are heavily dependant on property related taxes.

Far North Pork: Cairns, Mulgrave, Barron River.

Queensland budget website.  To be updated .......

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