Tuesday, June 28, 2011

parrot cage goes off

Dead King Parrot
The King Parrot has squawked and the parrot cage at our Journal of Ignorance has gone off! Even by its standards the display of ignorant cant is exceptional.

Certainly there is nothing exceptional about either the average level of rates in Cairns relative to other regional centres or increases of around 5%. If anything they compare quite favourably especially the minimum rate level. The comparison by the King Parrot with Brisbane convenienty overlooks that BCC debt will increase by around $500 million this year.

Care needs to be taken with comparisons when it comes to such as water and utilities. Presumably the King Parrot's headline $110 is based on all costs including water and sewage, for it to correlate anywhere near 5% for the average ratepayer. The looming FY end distracts from any further analysis which KS hopes to return to later in the week after the budget is released.

Note: KS always feels morally superior when it comes to rates as currently he pays approx $4,500 pa on his bohemian Esplanade abode, which are indeed some of the highest in Australia relative to market value courtesy of previous Mayor Major-General Third Degree Burns (ret). Consequently I am paying for the rest of you bludgers who should be paying even more!

Parrot squawk of the day: "I agree with everyone here. The Council wastes so much money. The cultural prestinct for example. You can have the biggest performace centre in the norther hemisphere but that does not bring the big performers to cairns. The cost of Transport is the problem. Val stop acting like a tentrum throwing kid. Cairns people don't want the prestinct - Full stop. Its a waste of money." - Tanja Fredriksz via Facebook who seems to have a problem with which hemisphere she is in.

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