Sunday, June 26, 2011

the great dinner roll heist

Crime in Cairns is a big issue. It will be a critical issue at the next State election. Cannibal Newman has tried to claim moral superiority on this in the last week, while at the same time being astutely aware that it may not be wise to appease visceral rednecks such as DJ Cunt Hunt from the Queensland Party!

The Accused

Kitchenslut is APPALLED that today when he attempted to enter his local Cairns RSL there was a crime seen happening! Yes, Kitchenslut scene local police dealing with the theft of the daily dinner roll delivery to the Cairns RSL. The culprits were conveniently outside in a decripit campervan, with furniture on roof. 

The RSL staff were concerned about the thin-edge-of- the-wedge with regards to their stash of alcohol being seen as an easy touch if these culprits got away with pinching the dinner rolls from the back doorstep!  KS is acutely aware of probems here and currently a most pressing issue as nearby body corporate chairman is the theft of sections of garden hose ...... presumably for bonging!

Who knows! The only empirical research certainty KS has seen is that there is a distinct disconnect between perceptions of safety and actual safety. The KS experience as a CBD dweller is that the street vibe can be more aggresive ...... or perhaps that's just age more than reality?! Although after ten years as a CBD resident my most confronting experience is still being asked, while staggering back alog The Esplanade,  by an indigenous gentleman, if I wanted to purchase his T-shirt. Kitchenslut politely declined .....

Note: The best right-wing-death-beast blogging on a loosely related theme from the rejuvenated Professor Bunyip: "There is a definite streak of truth, for example, in the old saw that many libertarian conservatives began their journeys to enlightenment not with Hayek in hand but with a bong."

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