Saturday, May 7, 2011

tourism: it's the product stupid!

The Sydney Morning Herald has today run a series of posts on the stagnation of the Australian tourism industry with some slamming criticism from James Packer. Here, here, and here.

As Packer says of the Barrier Reef: "The experience for a well travelled tourist is you arrive in Cairns, where the beach is unfortunately a mud flat, you go out to the reef on a hydrofoil that looks like it needs some money spent on it, you dive into the water and where the pontoon is located the reef looks like it is dying. You come back up and you are meant to say, 'Isn't this amazing'. It could be an amazing, world-class experience, but we need to get our act together.''

KS is usually defensive of criticism that Cairns doesn't have a beach and once pointed out to a lady from Sydney that her city didn't have a beach either as it took longer to get to Bondi from the CBD than I could get to Trinity. However there are some criticisms in here worthy of attention on the KS Global Economics theme that it's the product and quality that need attention rather than just marketing. We are no longer a cheap destination.

To be continued as I have to make use of such a beautiful day and replenish my fine food supplies .....

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