Monday, May 16, 2011

The rise and demise of CEC

My excel skills are not what they were to properly represent what I want to show ....... however ......
That bar second from the left is the result Gavin King hung his entire fictional narrative on in the 'analysis' in the Weekend Compost!
Apart from that subsequent escalation in assets up to the end of 2007, Kitchenslut Global Economics would also focus on the size of the red bit at the top and it's validity!! Bear in mind that this was the catalyst result for the catastrophic fall for CEC shares from more than $2 down to around 50c in weeks previously posted at Loose Change. Funny that!
Graph not the best representation and also note that assets at the second last bar were very close to all deferred tax assets worthless according to the auditor ...... red bits are net assets ....
P.S. A prize dinner with KitchenSlut to anyone who can identify at what point on the chart Warren Entsch became a director of CEC?

To be continued ......

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  1. This graph should be on a billboard. awesome stuff, almost as good as the Titanic comment. Very tired of the "Poor me", "Poor CEC", "poor Roy Lavis" comments, Wonder if the Cairns Post would publish this graphon their front page....mmm maybe not. Give it a few weeks though once the dirty laundry is aired and it may be a different story.