Saturday, May 28, 2011

Qld regional price indexes

Our ABC has posted on the recent release of a survey and report of the Index of Retail Prices in Queensland Regional Centres, May 2010, Office of Economic and Statistical Research, Queensland Treasury.

"The survey was conducted in May 2010. The information is expressed in the form of index numbers, which allow comparison of relative retail prices between selected centres and the average for the Brisbane Statistical Division (Brisbane) at the time of the survey."

There is not much surprising in any of the results with differences betweeen regions principally related to housing (BNE is 100 oon all indexes):

"The differences between the centres with the highest and lowest indexes also varied considerably across the various index types (see Table 1). While the range for the All items index was 21.8 index points (from 92.1 to 113.9), the Housing index had a range of 108.7 index points (from 56.7 to 165.4). When housing is excluded from the overall index, the variation is reduced to 8.6 index points. Substantial ranges in prices were also recorded for Clothing and footwear (39.4 index points), Alcohol and tobacco (24.7 index points), Recreation (24.1 index points), Food (19.4 index points) and Household content and services (18.7 index points)."

Cairns: All items 99.2; Housing 88.8; All items ex housing 101.9

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