Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crisis? What crisis?

April regional unemployment numbers from ABS just out this morning and the numbers for the Far North are all good, and the best for some months with the arrival of fine weather, as previously fearlessly predicted.

The unemployment rate fell from 10.6% to 7.9%. Total number employed jumped by 9,000 for the month. Number unemployed fell at the same time as the participation rate increased to healthier levels. The divergence between male and female unemployment closed.

For those convinced that we are victims of some kind of our own localised recession in Cairns, deserving of special regional handout treatment, the unemployment rate here is now similar to Gold Coast. I also note an obscure snippet at the botton of page four in yesterdays Composted hard copy that CRC has the third highest rate of development application approvals in Queensland. I blame Val Schier for stopping all those developments!

Disclaimmer: The ABS regional stats can be volatile month by month and some numbers this time are flagged with sample warnings. We await the spin at the Journal of Ignorance.

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  1. The Cairns Post has given the impression the CRC has not approved any development applications since its inception as a Council.