Friday, May 27, 2011

change happens again

The Journal of Ignorance has posted an unusually positive story on the CRC scheme to scrap headwork costs for developers. This would appear to be another positive stimulus. There are two key underlying themes reported here which hit on some previous posts at Loose Change.

1. There is a problem with business finance, significantly impacting coastal Qld economies, which rather than bank bashing, can only be solved with Federal policy initiatives which are not evident anywhere, with no evidence the local Feral Member can see beyond his beer gut?

2. There is a problem and blame game with Council charges everywhere in Australia for new development and affordable housing. This has actually been a subject of economic debate for years and years now in all states. The Qld State Guvmint has now moved to regulate these charges by Council ..... but entirely unreported in local mejia.

The other point of note is that this story features new first time developers in Cairns. The cry babies who bemoaned the collapse of the local heroes have failed to look at history. Always failed developers are replaced. In the 'recession we had to have' some went to Majorca while others spent time in custody of Her Majesty. They were replaced by others. Happens every time but the world moves on ......

P.S: Only a charlatan will offer you an affordable, politically popular solution that fits on a page.

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