Thursday, May 5, 2011

CEC six & counting

CEC Group misses financial deadline for third time was the headline at the Cairns Post on Tuesday when they got around to reporting the failure of CEC to again lodge accounts the previous Friday. Now, KS has no idea how they count numbers down at the Journal of Ignorance but by his count of ASX announcements it was the fifth deferral by CEC since the required ASX deadline at the end of February.

The fifth became the sixth this morning with another ASX release: "Unfortunately late advices received have delayed lodgement and CEG will further inform the market tomorrow, Thursday 5th May , further2011, regarding lodgement of the Appendix 4D."

Those "late advices" must have been quite late as this announcement, dated yesterday, did not appear until this morning. We await the next update or deferral supposedly sometime today ......

Update: Six becomes seven with a release on ASX this morning, Friday, dated yesterday, the 5th, that accounts will be lodged sometime tomorrow ...... errr ...... make that today: "Final amendments are currently being made to the Appendix 4D, and it will be lodged tomorrow, Friday 6th May 2011."

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