Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Queensland Recession?

Is Queensland heading for recession is a question asked by Delusional Economics. "Queensland’s economy is in serious trouble." There are some themes here relevant to the Far North and again back up the view that our own regional downturn is not something specifically isolated to Cairns as seems to be the perception of many, but widespread in non-resource Queensland.

The following chart on dwelling approvals is very telling on the disparity between Queensland and Victoria over recent years. That disparity also reflects the split between these States in last years Federal election results.

The typically breathless veteran Robert Gottliebsen also makes some similar points at Businessspectator, and both these correlate with the previously posted comments from Bernard Salt. Just a quick post for now on this as it's too beautiful a Sunday to be typing at a computer but there are several issues and comments here to come back to ........

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