Saturday, April 2, 2011

loosely misdirected

The typically misdirected Editor-at-Loose pontificates in the Weekend Post on cycleways. Ditching bike helmet laws provides a new perspective and direction on bicycle safety and transport.

Somehow the Editor-at-Loose manages to conclude a column around cycleways with another call for his misdircted pet-shop-parrot-policy to "bring state departments and public servants to Cairns".

I'm not sure on the connection between cycleways and public servants but such is the rich heritage of Australian political debate from the time of federation: “Gentlemen, if you vote for the Bill you will found a great and glorious nation under the bright Southern Cross, and meat will be cheaper; and you will live to see the Australian race dominate the Southern seas, and you will have a market for both potatoes and apples…” - Tasmanian delegate to federation convention.

The Banana Republic of Cairns would appear to have become a parody of this heritage?

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