Friday, April 8, 2011

Kairns Kultural Vision: Arthur v Phil

"Governments should stop treating the arts as a luxury or entertainment and more as economic activities. Such industries are a magnet for talented people from across the world. They are integral to creating vibrant businesses and communities with global reach." - Arthur Sinodinos, formerly Chief of Staff and highly regarded adviser to John Howard, writing in The Australian.

"This monument to stupidity will NOT bring one extra person to this crime ridden grotty CBD all it will do is give the scum that infest our CBD that you refuse to take any action against to use as a public toilet and abuse and harass anyone who goes there. This Council will be remembered for its stupidity and arrogance nothing else."  - Phil of Mt Sheridan, ignorant redneck nobody, commenting at the Cairns Post.

Update: A possible innovative solution to Phil's expressed concern about urine in the CBD?

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