Tuesday, March 15, 2011

further CEC delays

CEC announcement last night that accounts will be delayed for possibly as long as the end of this month, so will remain suspended from ASX. Note this announcement refers to 'material accounting issues to be determined'. The previous delay announcement on Feb 28 only referred to Yasi and flooding.
Further to the announcement on 28 February 2011, CEC Group Limited (ASX: CEG) wishes to inform the market that it will not be lodging its Appendix 4D until sometime after 14 March 2011 but is expected to be lodged prior to 31 March 2011.
Recent events such as cyclone Yasi and flooding had disrupted completion of the accounts and audit and there remain material accounting issues to be determined.
The company is making every effort to complete the Appendix 4D and audit in an expedient manner and remains conscious of its continuous disclosure obligations. The company will provide further guidance to the market on or before 31 March 2011.

Non-Lodgment of the Appendix 4D for the six months ended 31st December 2010

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