Wednesday, March 9, 2011

China aviation deal

Have I missed something? Maybe the Cairns Post got in fast and had it in their print edition yesterday? Maybe the ABC broadcast it but not on their web site?
Anyway as far as I am aware the release from Federal Minister Albanese dated 7th March and apparently released yesterday morning I would have expected to qualify as lead story in the Wednesday business section of the Cairns Post and i got the print edition and nothing (note: they have still also not reported more than a week later the suspension of CEC yet again from ASX?). There is a good post yesterday at Crikey from Ben Sandilands describing  "awesome implications". Sandilands  is an aviation journalist and previously aviation correspondent for the Financial Review.  Plane Talking with Ben Sandilands
Essentially the expanded deal provides additional seats if airlines on the China-Australia route come via Cairns, Darwin or Broome enroute. Critically it also allows the passengers to break in Cairns and the international airline to still then carry them on to a further domestic destination rather than being forced onto domestic flights.
Also gives rights for flights to then link out of China to destinations beyond providing another route into/from Cairns to possibly Europe etc for improved business and tourism links. No restrictions to freight on flights.
I would have thought it one of the more significant policy outcomes for Cairns in recent years? So why is this just not only NOT the leading business story in our media today but almost unreported?

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