Thursday, September 30, 2010

loonie parity

The SMH is reporting today that the $AUD has hit parity overnight with the quirkily named Canadian Loonie. This reminded me of a chart recently posted by Christopher Joye of the two currencies compared on a trade weghted index basis (TWI).

While the $AUD has been rising against the Loonie the TWI's have tracked each other closely. One would expect the Loonie TWI to be far more heavily weighted to the $US. The SMH note that the $AUD was last at parity with the Looonie in 2004.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Visa threat to JCU?

Stephen King from Monash University has been a critic of the impact of changes to student visas on higher education. King claims "visa law changes are now biting and are undermining one of Australia’s largest export industries."

The universities rely on fees from foreign students to cross-subsidise Australian students. King is concerned the Federal Government may be forced to inject billions to bail out the tertiary education sector within the next few years. The politics and implications of all this were also discused back in February by Alan Kohler: "How the Government crushed the export education boom"

One would have thought the issues here were particularly relevant to the role of JCU in the Cairns economy, as well as language students? JCU is frequently referred to a key component of economic diversification through tropical expertise. Would a funding crisis constrain this potential?

I don't recall any commmentary on student visas and the local economy or did it pass me by?